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Stephanie C. Baldwin, DPM

Board Certified-American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery & American Board of Podiatric Medicine

Michal Waldman, DPM

Gentle Foot Care & Surgery

Stephanie C. Baldwin DPM PA  d/b/a  North Tampa Foot Care 

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Dear Friends:

Welcome! We are a podiatric medical practice aimed at improving both your personal foot care as well as your over all health. I am committed to providing scientific information and medical guidance to all those who desire good health. Our site includes various presentations, assessments, and guidance to aid in your quest for perfect foot health.

                      Stephanie C. Baldwin DPM

 Your feet are the foundation of your body. When you are experiencing problems with your feet, it affects your well being.  These problems can make it difficult to manage all aspects of your life in a healthy and productive way and seeing a podiatrist could be the right answer. Dr. Baldwin understands this and makes a commitment to your better foot health seriously. We have worked with patients with all types of medical issues such as gout, diabetes, injuries, incessant pain, bunions, hammertoes, etc.
Our staff are here to help you build a strong and healthy foundation by addressing any podiatric issues that may be keeping you from your best self.

Contact us today to learn how our 31 years in practice with tens of thousands of patients can help you specifically.

North Tampa Foot Care complies with applicable Federal Civil Rights Laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin,  age, disablity or sex. (Statement as required by  Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act)





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Tampa Podiatrist North Tampa Foot Care is a poidiatry office providing Welcome, orthopedic, pain, diabetes, bunions and much more in Tampa, FL. We also do Achilles Tendonitis, Allergic Contact Dermatitis , Athlete's Foot, Brachymetatarsia, Bunions, Calluses, Diabetic Foot Care, Flatfoot (Fallen Arches), Ganglions, Haglund's Deformity, Hallux Rigidus, Hammertoes, Heel Pain/Fasciitis, Infections, Injuries, Ingrown Toenails, Metatarsalgia, Morton's Neuroma, Onychomycosis, Osteoarthritis, Pediatric Foot Care, Planter Warts, Planter Fasciitis, Posterior Tibial Dysfunction, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Running Injuries, Sesamoiditis, Sprains/Strains, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, Taylor's Bunion, Tendonitis, Toe Deformities, Xerosis and all work related in the 33613 area and surrounding areas in Tampa